Cul Mór


Cul Mór stands for “large hill-back”

and people are called Mc.

For Cul Mór is the striking, unique,

distinctive, rocky highest peak

of a nature reserve, a rugged land,

moulded by a giant’s hand.

I wish I were on Cul Mór’s top

having the rambler’s deserved stop.


Cul Mór offers a beautiful view

that you can have a clue

what silence and sublimity mean,

how forces of nature are right keen,

effects of erosion ev’rywhere.

Sandstone outcrops, the ridge is bare.

I wish I were on Cul Mór to learn

how a wild area helps upturn.


Cul Mór’s twin summits are well known,

that charm which is its alone.

Steep gullies diving down to the ground.

Old stalkers’ paths, small cairns all-around,

lead to the slopes, boulder fields and rocks,

auburn craigs and pleasant Jocks.

I wish I were on Cul Mór to feel

how all the powers of nature heal.


It’s a picture I’ll never forget.

But, much to my regret:
I must confess I never was there.

A calendar picture makes aware

how beautiful our world can be

if we’re able to learn and see.

I wish I were on Cul Mór one day,

even if Cul Mór is far away.