Art is unadventurous

if you find itís decorous.

Art is boring, art is band,

not to add up a hill of beans

if you think you understand

what art means.


Style is unadventurous

if itís far from glamorous.

Style affects you if it shouts,

extolled by glossy magazines,

does not bear any blackouts.

Style, that cleans.


Sports are unadventurous

if they are not dangerous,

if they arenít extremely fast,

if nobody contravenes,

if there is nothing to blast.

Spill the beans!


Time is unadventurous

if the news is onerous,

if thereís nothing to transcend,

if the crowd eats in the canteens,

if one thinks there is an end,

when one keens.


Life is unadventurous

if it is not clamorous,

if you give your helping hand,

if thereís nothing but evergreens,

if you think you understand

what life means.